We need more green infrastructure in Niagara on the Lake

With all the discussion by federal and provincial governments about investment in infrastructure, Friends of One Mile Creek (FOMC) wants to increase the discussion about how green infrastructure can play a vital role in Niagara on the Lake through beneficial socio-economic and environmental assets.

In the short term, infrastructure investment helps to generate employment and ensure cash flow in the economy. In the long term, infrastructure ensures smooth and fast flow of people, material, and services, saving time, fuel, and improving quality of life.

FOMC has joined the Green Infrastructure Ontario (GIO) Coalition, an alliance of organizations that share a common vision for a healthy, green Ontario where the economic, social, environmental and health benefits of green infrastructure are fully realized.

Here’s the simple but effective message of the GIO group:

Screen Shot Green Infrastructure Coalition website grqphic
Green Infrastructure Ontario (GIO) Coalition

Certainly, the continuing development in the Niagara region provides both a reason and an opportunity to include green infrastructure in new projects.

Here’s a graphic that shows how green infrastructure fits into the big picture:

Green infrastructure fits into the overall development picture
How green infrastructure fits into the overall development picture

One of the resources from the Green Infrastructure Ontario coalition is this guide focused on smaller communities such as NOTL:

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