Resident worried about flooding from Rand Estate Development

A landowner with two properties on One Mile Creek has written to the Town to express concern that properties built downstream on One Mile Creek will incur more frequent, severe and costly damage if the Rand Estate Development, as currently proposed, is allowed to proceed.

“Any increase in water volume, particularly under storm conditions, will cause damage to downstream properties primarily because the culverts under the roads are undersized,” writes William and Patricia Garriock in their submission about the proposed development.

“Unless full scale hydraulic studies are conducted by knowledgeable professionals and adequate surge capacity is provided, damage will occur.”

One Mile Creek along Gate St at Johnson 1
One Mile Creek along Gate St at corner with Johnson

According to maps from the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), there are 93 properties in Old Town that intersect One Mile Creek.

Here is the submission to the Town:

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